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Good web design takes you on a journey of fulfilled curiosity and stirred emotions. It should always be more than just a vehicle to convey information. Zebo can take your company or organization on just such a journey.

OTG Studios

The filmmakers at OTG Studios entrusted their new website to us. They've worked with the likes of HBO, ABC, Fox Sports, Disney, ESPN, and even NASA to name a few. They wanted a simple one-page web design to call attention to their singularity of excellence.

GraceLife Church

This fast-growing Florida church is an amazing client. Launching their new website and going through a brand refresh along with a facility relocation got the whole community pretty excited.

White Oak Mtn Coffee Roasters

Here's a startup coffee roasting company that's definitely worth keeping an eye on. For a young company they are off and running, getting some serious interest in the market. Check out their coffee when you get a chance.

Calvary Chapel Lakeland

For a small neighborhood church, Calvary Chapel Lakeland was looking to make a big splash with their website and amplify their message up to 11. Mission accomplished. 

Gulf Gate Church

This small Sarasota Florida church got a website redesign and branding overhaul to better reflect and communicate their mission. And although the website and branding management has since been taken in-house, GGC still gets a big shout out.

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